Past, Present, Future

Our Story

Property Acquisition

In 1983, Enric Hernández Olivella began his professional activity in the hotel and tourism field, but it was not until 1997 that he acquired ownership of said hotel.

Start business expansion

Start of business expansion by acquiring the management of the Montemar 3* hotel with 250 rooms in Pineda de Mar, executing and renovating the purchase and the current asset Pineda Splash 4*, subsequently executing and renovating all the facilities.

Creation of the Fergus Hotels chain

Together with the businessmen Joan Pascual and Pep Cañellas, he created the hotel chain Fergus Hotels, of which he assumed its general management. Its expansion between Catalonia and the Balearic Islands begins.

Fergus Hotels Expansion

Expansion of Fergus Hotels, achieving a turnover of €29 million, ending 2014 with a total of 14 hotels and 2,500 rooms.

Dsiassociation from the Fergus Hotels

Entrepreneurs Enric Hernández and Joan Pascual disassociate themselves from Fergus Hotels, to create a new hotel chain.

Creation of the Alegria Hotels chain

Creation of the hotel chain Alegria Hotels together with Joan Pascual, also continuing with its general management, beginning its expansion in the peninsula, ending its first year of life with 17 hotels, generating a turnover of
35 MM€.

Disassociation from the Alegria Hotels chain

At the end of the tourist season, Enric Hernández split from the Alegria Hotels chain to create his own business group.

Creation Ehogroup

Creation of Ehogroup, with the figure of Enric Hernández as owner and CEO. Start your own business adventure with 7 hotels. 

Ehogroup expansion

Despite the social, health and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Ehogroup has remained and has continued its business expansion reaching 7 hotels, the creation of a line of apartments, and a gastronomic line.

Our Present

In 2019, the ehogroup group was born with a philosophy and vision based on the professionalization of the different business lines developed by the entire group.

ehogroup currently has more than 900 rooms, more than 350 workers, more than 10 hotels and 3 tourist complexes and, most importantly, is in the midst of a growth and expansion project.

It has been ISO 9001-2015 certified since 2014.

ehogroup in figures...

Our Future

We continue to work day by day to expand the group until we become a national and international benchmark in the tourism sector.