30º hotels

Hotel chain specialized in the exploitation of sun and beach assets.

Hotel chain specialized in the exploitation of sun and beach assets.

The essence of the ideal vacation can be experienced through the senses. Temperature directly influences how we spend the holidays and how we feel. Whether it's the warmth of family, friends or your partner, or the weather. Therefore, in 30º Hotels the summer heat temperature It is the common thread of all experiences that we want you to enjoy.

The purpose of 30º Hotels is for guests, workers and the environment to be part of a family, and for this reason we strive to receive them with the best personalized services after their long trip.

We want everyone's experience to be excellent, including the little ones in the house and even pets. At 30º Hotels we are pet friendly!

And our mission is to offer our guests all our treasures: the best cuisine, select cocktails and personalized activities for everyone. Without forgetting our jewel, the sun.

Focus on a Specific Segment

The creation of 30º hotels It represents a clear commitment by ehogroup to focus on the sun and beach hotel segment. This specialization allows us to thoroughly understand the needs and preferences of travelers looking for this type of experience, resulting in a more attractive and personalized offer.

Market Recognition

With the 30º hotels brand, ehogroup has positioned itself as a benchmark in the sun and beach hotel market. The consistency and quality of its services have led the chain to earn a positive reputation among travelers, generating loyalty and increasing demand.

Efficient Asset Management

By managing assets under the 30º hotels brand, ehogroup has managed to optimize operational and financial efficiency. By focusing on a specific type of hotel, they can implement specialized strategies and practices that maximize the profitability and performance of their sun and beach properties.

Experience in the Segment

ehogroup's previous experience in the tourism sector provides a solid foundation for managing sun and beach hotels. Accumulating valuable knowledge about the particularities and challenges of this segment, allowing informed and strategic decisions to be made to maintain the success of 30º hotels.

Innovation and Quality

ehogroup has emphasized innovation and quality in every aspect of the 30º hotels experience. From the design of the facilities to the offering of services and activities, the chain strives to maintain high standards to ensure that guests enjoy an exceptional and memorable stay.

Personalization and Customer Service

Through 30º hotels, ehogroup offers personalized experiences and high-quality customer service. The chain is committed to understanding guests' individual preferences and meeting their needs to make each stay unique and satisfying.

In summary, the creation of 30º hotels as a brand specialized in sun and beach hotels allows ehogroup to focus, optimize asset management, gain recognition in the market and provide exceptional experiences to travelers seeking warm and beach destinations. With a combination of strategic focus, quality, innovation and customer service, ehogroup has managed to stand out in the sun and beach hotel sector under the 30º hotels brand.

Hotels that are part of 30º Hotels

Hotel Playa Sol

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