Globalized training of the tourism sector.

Hotel school for globalized training in the tourism sector. This is a specialized team with a long history in the tourism sector. HTS was born from the desire to professionalize and dignify our sector, which is an undisputed driving force of the local and national economy. We believe in a modern and constantly changing hospitality industry, although without forgetting our past.

Hotel Training School, of experience in the hospitality sector, but above all of the desire to train great professionals and experts in all areas of the vacation establishment. We are not looking for the training creation of great directors, or department heads, but rather those who are part of the base staff, so necessary for the proper functioning of the hotels. In our country there are large hospitality and tourism training schools, but there is no clear education and pedagogy policy for base staff, the vast majority in the establishment's operations. We want our centers to train a group of people capable of reinventing the traditional hotel model and adapting to new trends in the sector. We are committed to training adapted to the company and its needs, we seek to improve the preparation and well-being of workers to increase the satisfaction of the end customer. We plan to expand this business in different important tourist centers in Spain.

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At HTS we want to be the perfect Partner for your Hotel. We form professionals to reinvent the traditional hotel model and adapt to new trends in the sector.

Our students will be able to carry out their internships in hotels or directly in their jobs and will be part of our employment pool. The Human Resources department manages agreements with companies in the sector to facilitate incorporation into the labor market.

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