Gastronomic line of culinary art complementary to our hospitality.

Being able to enjoy typical cuisine of the area is essential to be able to get to know the place well from different perspectives. That is why we have created the Kelvin 303 culinary art line that we intend to complement our hospitality.

Restaurants like .Brutal They represent the essence of Kelvin303 where it is intended to put the greatest focus on the experience as a culinary art.

Without moving away from the gastronomy of the area, with the restaurants of the Kelvin303 line we offer typical dishes of the area but with an avant-garde touch. 

These restaurants are always located near our hotel facilities, in order to complement your experiences with our cuisine. 

The Art of the Culinary Experience

At .Brutal and in all our restaurants in the Kelvin303 line, we strive to elevate gastronomy to a higher level. Each dish is a masterpiece created with passion and creativity by our talented chefs. Our goal is that each bite awakens your senses and transports you to a world of exceptional flavors.

Innovation and Tradition Come Together

Our Kelvin303 line maintains a deep respect for the traditional gastronomy of the area in which we operate. We pride ourselves on offering authentic typical dishes with an avant-garde touch that enhances their flavors and presents them in a unique and exciting way.

Closeness to Our Guests

To complement our guests' experience in our hotel facilities, our Kelvin303 restaurants are always located close to the hotels. We want to give you the opportunity to discover our exceptional gastronomy without having to go too far from your place of accommodation.

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